Author: Bojan Sekulovski

Atom Steel LTD from Kocani is a recognized brand for Steel Arches For Tunnels

Today’s successes adorn this local and global company started from a desire, and a vision to work with tunnels. And, our patented steel arches for the construction of tunnels are present on the construction market in several European countries. The company is focused on the production of metal structures, architectural steel structures, the production of […]
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stainless steel

ATOM STEEL LTD expands its activity in the production of stainless steel

For the first time in more than 50 years, ATOM STEEL LTD has started producing “Stainless Steel” welded steel elements. Part of an EU export production line. Let us not forget that our potential was found by the FITD – Fund for Innovation and Technology Development and the then Director Mr. Jovan Despotovski #stainlesssteel #stainlesssteelfabrication
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