Gostol Shot Blasting Machine

Steel Structure Shot Blasting Machine

Machine Details

  • P-1600
  • 4
  • 1600mm
  • 450mm
  • 2400mm
  • 0,5 – 4 m/min
  • 400 kg/m
  • 85 kW
  • 15.000 Nm 3/h
  • 120 mm/VS


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    About Machine

    The P-1600 is a pre-existing type of cleaning machine where the pieces travel through a chamber on a roller. The machine is primarily intended for cleaning sheet metal and profiles. However, in exceptional cases, a wide variety of pieces whose dimensions do not exceed the given ones can be sent through the machine with the help of load-bearing grids. When laying profiles and various other pieces on the roller, care must be taken that the distances between them are such that there is no overlap.

    The capacity of the machine is extremely large, so special attention must be paid to loading and unloading the pieces, which must be mechanized. The space in front of the machine must be reserved for the accumulation of cleaned and uncleaned pieces. It must be possible to access the machine very easily by means of internal transport.

    The machine is structurally designed so that it does not have particularly deep foundations and can be included in the technological line for surface protection.

    In the P-1600 cleaning machine, the steel sand is given the kinetic energy of the turbine. This is a completely rough principle of working from compressed air machines. The speed of the steel sand can be regulated by the number of turbine revolutions. The best results are achieved with our turbine at a speed of about 80 m/sec, which is significantly higher than that obtained on machines with compressed air.

    The system of regeneration of glass sand on the machine gives the possibility of coarse and fine separation. The quality and capacity of cleaning and wear of turbine parts depend on proper regeneration. Depending on the quality of separation, wear and capacity can be increased or decreased several times.

    In essence, the cleaning machine destroys itself. The more we fill the passage through the chamber with pieces the less the wear of the machine will be. The rule must be that the machine must never be operated at idle. For this purpose, an input switch is installed, which opens and closes via a time relay and sand lock cylinders when the sheet metal passes.