Pole Production

Polygonal Poles, Highway Poles, Road, and Street Lighting Poles


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Lightning Poles

Polygonal Poles, Highway Poles, Road and Street Lighting Poles.

All kind of pole production capability from 3 mt up to 120 mt with special design, wind, enginnering and static calculations. Enviromental friendly and CE Approved pole manufacturing. Slipjoint and inner–flanged connection systems.

Specially designed lighting pole production with one, two or three body options. Polygon poles can be produced as your wish up to your projects.

Our team is ready for pole production. Rotational or fixed pulley systems.

Lighting poles  in one, two, three or four consoles in different sizes and scales according to usage area. Polygonal poles, highway poles, road poles, street lighting poles. Elevator flag lowering system. Hot dip galvanized poles with certificates.

  • Polygonal Poles
  • Lighting poles
  • Street light poles
  • Highway poles
  • Mast poles
  • Galvanized pole manufacturer
  • Road poles
  • Telecom poles
  • Gsm poles
  • Camera poles

Our Solutions & Benefits


Our team offers services about assemblage, production, static calculation, desinging for polygon poles. Poles are between 3mt and 15 mt with polygonal cut-off. We are ready to design special poles for your projects; Flagpoles, Lighting poles, Projector poles, GSM Poles, Totem Poles, Advertisement Poles, Decorative Poles.


Lighting Poles produced from 3 mt up tp 150 mt height either galvanizde or painted.

Single piece production up to 12mt with groung flange for anchoraged foundation.

Lighting console up from 1 to 4 up to your projects and demand. We are ready to design and produce special poles up to your requests. Projector poles up from 10 mt to 100 mt.


Stainless Steel Flagpoles, Galvanized Flagpoles, Aluminium Flagpoles


Aluminum flagpoles up from 3 mt to 10 mt produced in circular section with lightness and durability features regarding your projects. Available in polygonal forms. Special flange, rope winding and top 360 degree rotatable mechanism and systems. Static calculation will be made according to wind speed on the project place.


Galvanized flagpoles up from 4mt  to 19mt produced in polygonal section. Giant flagpoles also available in our production portfolio. Our well experienced engineers and designers are very experienced to design giant flagpoles up from 20 mt to 120 mt. Special flange,anchor bolts, rope ( halyard ) systems available.

  • Floodlight poles
  • Camera poles
  • Telecommunication poles
  • Lighting pole foundadtion
  • Projector / floodlight poles
  • Energy transmission towers / poles
  • Telecommunication towers / poles
  • Advertisement poles
  • Decorative poles
  • Traffic and camera poles
  • Energy transmission line poles
  • Conical poles
  • Polygon poles
  • Gsm (telecommunication) poles
  • Camera poles
  • Traffic sign boards
  • Traffic light poles
  • Projector (floodlight) poles
  • Lifting system poles
  • Stadium poles
  • Solar lighting poles
  • Polygonal poles
  • Highway poles
  • Road and street lighting poles
  • Light poles
  • Lighting poles
  • Conical poles
  • Galvanised poles