Band Saw

Semi-automatic Bi-directional Industrial Band Saw

Machine Details

  • KLY 2DT 650
  • 54x1.6x9000mm
  • 380/400V
  • 50Hz
  • 6,6-14,6kW_A
  • 4kW
  • 18-19m/min
  • 670mm
  • 650x650mm
  • 650x1080mm
  • 670mm
  • 650x650mm
  • 650x670mm
  • 410mm
  • 410x410mm
  • 650x410mm


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    About Machine

    Kesmak KLY 2DT 650 is semi-automatic bi-directional industrial band saw designed for large sectional material with powered NC setting of the cutting angles, heavily inclined sawblade for low-stress cutting of square section and flat stock. Provides low cost at large capacity, with full stroke hydraulic vice and hydraulic band tensioning. This machine contains electric flood coolant system for solid material, pure oil-mist system for sectional material (requires compressed air), variable blade speed with inverter, as well as pricise hydraulic down feed control and mobile roller table x2.