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Identifying the best construction materials and understanding their properties we ensure your idea's solid contents and structure.


Since 2014 Atom Steel Ltd is a world class factory for metal material products that provides the highest quality of products, services and solutions.


With many years of experience under our hard hat, we partner with owners and design professionals to build high-quality projects.

We are leading company in this field
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  • In 1960 this company was founded as ATS, and its main activity was transport and freight forwarding.
  • In 1968 it is renamed ATOM and expands its activity. Apart from transport and freight forwarding, it also starts with the construction of metal structures, cisterns, halls, various machine parts.
  • In 1976 ATOM expands its operations to the Middle East, where there are over 1,000 employees and over 120 trucks (known as blue swallows) as well as buses.
  • In 1998 it was privatized and reconstructed.
  • In 2005 ATOM was bought from Alexandria, where it continues the tradition in the production of metal structures, halls, tunnel supports, etc. These products are exported abroad.
  • In 2013 Alexandria is renamed ATOM STEEL and continues at the same pace. Our work continues and we start investing in upgrading our company.
  • In 2014 we increased production and invested in new technologies. We procured new machines and reconstructed the old ones.
  • In 2020 we procured and installed the new Tandem Press Brake. Where it will help us a lot in the daily work and in uplifting our company in higher level.

Government Certificate

The Ministry of Transport and Communications gives license B for contractor of constructions of the second category for the Company for production, trade, and services ATOM SANTEX DOO - Kocani, with validity until 2024.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

In accordance with TÜV NORD CERT procedures, it is hereby certified that ATOM SANTEH DOO applies a management system for: Engineering, design, manufacturing and performance of steel constructions and equipment.


ATOM STEEL has internationally recognized standard defines the quality requirements for fusion welding of steel materials both in the workshop and on the assembly site.

ISO 1090 EXC - 2 Certificate

ATOM STEEL LTD uses EN 1090 European standards that regulate the fabrication and assembly of steel structures and are recognized by the Construction Products Regulation.

15.585.895 ATOM SANTEH EN

15.585.895 ATOM SANTEH EN 1

15.585.895 ATOM SANTEH DE

15.585.895 ATOM SANTEH DE 1

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The company is registered and works since 1991 with a registration name "Aleksandrija & co".
In 2013 it has rebranded into ATOM SANTEH DOO and owns:
ATOM STEEL LTD - Metalworking
ATOM GLASS LTD - Glass Production
ATOM TOP METAL - Building Construction
ENERGY LUX - MHE Hydropower Production
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    A building expert at Atom Steel can help you determine the most cost effective way to accomplish your goals and even help you obtain preliminary pricing.
    Yes. Contact us to obtain an estimate. Since several buildings can ship on the same truck by using community freight, the Factory will combine your building with others in order to save you money.
    Steel buildings are the most flexible solutions on the market for contractors, builders, do it yourselfers and their families. These durable, virtually no maintenance building solutions come with significant benefits. Custom engineering and design of today’s metal buildings allow big flexibility to the owners.
    It’s easy to obtain a price quote. Simply fill out the building estimate form with your information. Be sure to be as specific as possible so our estimators can provide an accurate quote and save you time.