Beam Welding Line

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Technical data: Beam Welding

  • 18m
  • ESAB 1400 and Lincoln DC 1000+
  • 500mmX500mm (X-Y)
  • 2 drivers by stepper motor and electronic driver
  • Siemens PLC

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    About Machines

    Atom Steel “Beam Welding Line” automatic, two or four head submerged arc-welding lines.


    These machines are specifically designed for the manufacture of welded “T” and double “T” girder-beams with parallel or converging flange. They enable the welding to be carried out on items with the web located vertically and without any need for tacking. Tacking will only be required at the top in order to obtain the proper angle between the web and the flange.


    The beam is fed into the machine and both sides of the beam are welded simultaneously. When double “T” beams are being manufactured, once the first flange has been welded, the beam is flipped over and fed back into the unit once again.


    A welding automation system model TC2 UP, which consists of two autonomous welding carriages that can work together or independently. 

    The carriages travel on a specially made table on which is placed the object to be welded. 

    Each carriage has a Cartesian X-Y system having suitably adjusted the nozzle of the Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) source. 

    The Cartesian X-Y axes are equipped with electronically controlled electric motors using position control sensors.  

    With the use of position sensors, we control the exact position throughout the welding process. Therefore, to weld a composite beam, the operator must place the object to be welded on the table and set up the initial welding start position, after that, the automation starts to weld by continuously controlling and correcting the welding position until the end of the process. 

    All the process is controlled by the PLC controller and all the necessary details can be viewed and adjusted by operator on the touch screen. 

    The automation has the ability to weld the following shapes with an accuracy of less than 0.5 mm.