Atom steel invested in a new machine! Hydraulic Tandem Press Brake 800/6000 CNC

Tandem Press Brake
We have invested in a new Tandem Press Brake.

At the beginning of the previous year 2020, we got the new Hydraulic Tandem 800/6000 CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, and its installation started. Due to the Covid-19, the progress was slow, but it went effectively. This machine is combined from two sets of press brake tandem achieving synchronized working single machine, where the two machines can also be used separately to improve production efficiency. It is combined by work table ram and right and left wallboard.

The Tandem CNC press brake (or CNC tandem bending machine) adopts a large tempering furnace to eliminate internal stress, with good stability, high strength, and stable operation, equipped with a double linkage synchronous device. Also can process long workpieces, especially suitable for the processing and manufacturing of long workpieces such as the road lamp pole and power pole of the urban construction and expressway.

The hydraulic press brake adopts the Double or multi-machine synchronous working principle.  Adopt the electro-hydraulic proportional valve servo synchronization of Bosch company, with excellent performance, small friction force in mechanical action, electronic amplifier and the electric magnet has high-efficiency control force and continuous reaction force.

At the end of the year, the installation of this beautiful and huge machine was completed. So the next step was to put it to use and test it. After several tests, we can say that this machine works flawlessly. And with the beginning of the new year, the operation of the new machine started.

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